In 2005 BİROK was founded by Şükrü Kocagöz and Ferdan Omaç, whom have been working together since 1973. BIROK is a company originating From GUN+BIR which was founded in 1982. With the participation of Muharrem Tütüncü in year 2017, BİROK has become a three partner company.

Chairman of Board Şükrü Kocagöz, has more than 200 professional articles, is a winner of two national and four invited architectural and urban planning competitions.

Chairman of the Board.
Ms. Architect

Management / Design

He was born in 1950, in Söke. After Saint Joseph Middle School and Karşıyaka High School, he received his education in architecture and master’s degree in urban design, in Lausanne Polytechnic (EPFL-Switzerland). He graduated in 1974 and started to work in Izmir. He still working as freelance architect and is also the Chairman of the Board of BİROK INC. He is married and has one child.

He has approximately 5 million m² and more than 450 designs. In addition, he continue an architectural office, which was established in 1991 together with Merih Karaaslan and Mürşit Günday in Ankara, after the death of Merih Karaaslan (2002).


  • He worked as graphic designer in a newspaper and as a copywriter at Devekuşu Advertising Agency.
  • His more than 150 professional articles have been published in various newspapers and magazines.
  • He participated many conference, panels, radio and television speeches.
  • Another field of study was theatre. A theatre drama “Kalpaklılar” which they wrote with Samim Kocagöz and Tamer Levent, was played by The State Theatre.

Social Responsibilities

  • Founding President, Izmir Association of Architects in Private Practice (ISMD, Izmir Serbest Mimarlar Derneği), 2003
  • President, Izmir Chamber of Architects (IZMIMOD, Izmir Mimarlar Odası), 1987-1991
  • Member of Board, Chamber of Architects of Turkey (TMMOB Mimarlar Odası), 1987-1991
  • Member of Board, the Educational Chairty of ECEV (Ege Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı), 2002

Prizes and Awards

  • 1991, International Izmir Fair National Architecture Competition, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 1st Prize (with M.Karaaslan, M. Günday)
  • 1994, Incili Park National Architecture Competition, Denizli Municipality, 1st Prize (with A.Çakar)
  • 2001, Administration Building Invited Competition, Aegean Exporters Associations, 1st Prize
  • 2004, Izmir Rotary Club, Professional Award
  • 2008, Administration Building Invited Competition, İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, 1st Prize
  • 2011-2012, Bedirye Mencik Mosque, Turkish Precast Concrete Association, the Best Building “Altın Kiriş (Gold Beam) “Award
  • 2018, Administration Building Invited Competition, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, 1st Prize

Memberships of Jury

  • 1989, Trade and Social Facilities Project Competition, Kuşadası Municipality
  • 1994, National Architecture Exhibition and Awards, Izmir Chamber of Architects
  • 2010, Select of Arkitera
  • 2012, Project Competition of Organization of Çesme Center Coast Public Spaces

Reference Buildings:

  • International Izmir Fair (Kültürpark), Izmir
  • Administration Building of Aegean Exporters Associations, Izmir
  • Factory of Hugo Boss (Clothing), Izmir
  • Factory of Söktaş (Textile), Aydın
  • Factory and R&D of Schneider Electric, Izmir
  • Hatice Almış Primary Healthcare Centre, Manisa (Nominee of Aga Khan Awards)
  • Residences of Universiad Games (1.900 housing), Izmir
  • Izmir New Archeology Museum, Izmir
  • Bedirye Mencik Mosque, Manisa (Turkish Precast Concrete Association Award)
  • Internatıonal Adana Fair, Adana
  • Sevinç Hanım Apartment Complex, Izmir
  • Factory of Ferrero (Nutella & Chocolate), Manisa
  • Izmir Turkish College Bornova Campus, Izmir
  • Factory of Mitsubishi Electric (Air Conditioning Units), Manisa
  • Factory and Administration Building of LM Wind Power/GE, Izmir
  • Organization of Square and Monument of Smyrna, Izmir

Reference Concultancies:

  • 1990 Kayseri Financial Office (Design: Melih Karaslan), Kayseri
  • 1994 Balıklıgöl environmental organization and architectural project (Design: Melih Karaslan), Şanlıurfa
  • 2010 Cruise Port conceptual design, site selection and zoning plan working (Izmir Chamber of Commerce), Izmir
  • 2015 EXPO site selection and conceptual design (Izmir Chamber of Commerce), Izmir
  • 2017 Viaduct of Izmir Port, (Izmir Chamber of Commerce), Izmir